Fall Auction Calendar
Oct. 19 – 160.89 +/- Acres Jackson Co. Land
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Oct. 26 – 220.61 +/- Acres Marshall Co. Land
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Oct. 26 – 160 +/- Acres Washington Co. Land
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Oct. 29 – 275 +/- Acres Jewell Co. Land
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Nov. 2 – 313.74 +/- Acres Republic Co. Land
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Nov. 21 – 230 +/- Acres Douglas Co. Land
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Selling property can be a complex process with many variables. At Midwest Land and Home our goal is to provide you with detailed, in-depth information as it relates to your property, removing the complexity, and making the decision process much easier. We apply our experience and knowledge in the industry to formulate strategies specific to your property that will result in the highest possible return. The marketing programs and experience offered by Midwest Land and Home are invaluable. Contact one of our marketing specialists to get started today.


No matter what you’re looking for — agricultural, recreational, investment, residential, or commercial property — as an experienced real estate agency we can provide you with the expertise, wisdom, and resources you will need to make the buying process much simpler. Most people conduct three to five real estate transactions in their life. Because these could be the largest financial transactions of your life, please let our professional agents help guide you. We’d be honored if you would allow us to help, but you’re free to pass on this offer as well.

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